Robert C. Witt Award

The President selects the Chairperson of the Robert Witt Award Committee. The President and Chairperson (prior to November 1) will select a committee consisting of at least six ARIA members. The committee will recommend, choosing from the four issues of the journal published in the calendar year in which the chairperson is appointed, awards for (1) one or two feature articles, and (2) one or two shorter articles, notes, or communications sections if there are sufficient eligible selections to warrant an award. At least one item should be recommended for each category. The overall evaluation of each publication will be based on the importance of the subject and the value of the contribution to the literature. Committee members will evaluate each publication using a rating system developed by the Chairperson. If no consensus exists after the first evaluation, leading candidates will be rated again by the committee. The Chairperson will determine the final recommendations based on the results of the evaluation(s). The deadline for award recommendations is May 15. Recommendations are subject to approval by the ARIA Board. Winners will be notified upon approval by the Board. Award winners will be announced at the annual meeting and receive a certificate and $1,000.

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